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The arrival or settlement of the Sahi tribe in Sahiwal had just begun by accident. Prior to 1870, Sahi tribe did not exist in Sahiwal. About 1880, a resident of Sahianwala, a suburb of Faisalabad and a shepherd named Eidal Kharal Sahi, came to Eidal Chak.

تاریخ ساہیوال اردو میں پڑھنے کے لیے یہاں کلک کریں ۔

The main reason behind his emigrating to Eidal Chak was constant fighting in his native area. To avoid this, he settled here in Eidal Chak permanently. Before him, Murdaney were settled here.

In this village there had been happening many incidents of robbery and rahzani. The dacoits came in the form of gangs from the other bank of the river Ravi and looted the villages.

Once the dacoits came and Eidal Kharal Sahi fought bravely against the robbers along with the men of Murdana tribe, and in this battle many dacoits were killed and the rest escaped forever.

The Murdana tribe donated 25 square acres of land in exchange to Eidal for his bravery, and also named the village Chak Eidal on his name.

This was the British rule. Despite being given a gift of 25 sq. Land to Eidal Sahi, he could not give up his cattle grazing and did not cultivate any land on 25 sq. Ft. But he had to pay huge cattle and agricultural taxes every year. So Eidal Sahi again emigrated from there and settled in Sahiwal near the present Sahiwal monument, also known as Yadgar e Sahiwal.

In the meantime, the British suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of the natives in the district of Gogera. And they came to Sahiwal and settled and made Sahiwal a new district. At the same time, the district status of Gogera was abolished and Eidal Sahi was offered to take a settled place as long as his horse could run away.

Eidal in turn requested the exemption of taxes on sheep, cattle and land, which the British government immediately accepted.

Now when Lord Montgomery arrived in Sahiwal, he gave Sahiwal the name of Montgomery. And for a long time this city became known as Montgomery. Throughout this period, the Sahi population had gradually increased in numbers. They were high in number but the influence was not high. So the name of the city continued to be called Montgomery. And the people of the Sahi tribe migrated to a few other villages in Montgomery.

During General Ayub Khan’s visit to Montgomery during a rally in Montgomery, Montgomery was renamed Sahiwal by the request of Sahi people. And the place where the Sahi tribe was formerly inhabited, a memorial Sahiwal was established.

Sahiwal district now has a very small number of Sahi people. Sahi live in 60, 61 Bulwana.

Secondly, the Sahi tribe is settled in Thatta Sahi village on Muhammad pur Road, 12 km from Sahiwal. The Sahi tribe has settled here since 1960.

Thirdly, some houses belong to the Sahi tribe are in Chuck No. 62 GD, 13 km from Sahiwal to Muhammad pur Road to Jarmar Road.

According to Sajid Hussein Sahi, on the occasion of any marriage or death, at least one person from all the village of Sahi attends the ceremony, no matter how severe the differences are among them.

There is a tradition of the tribe that the ring is not worn on the occasion of engagement, but for each person in the household, the Patasa or sugar is given. Hassan Khokhar, curator of the Harappa city museum, said that the Sahi tribe is currently lives in the Kholewala and Bachumerey.

The Sahis in the Sahiwal are locals. Some families have migrated from Sahiawala. The reason why Sahiwal was attributed to the Sahi people was that most of the area here was possessed by the Sahi tribe.

In his book MA Ashraf, the author of ‘History of Sahiwal’ writes that Sahiwal was founded on the name of the Sahi tribe.

According to the 1881 census, Sahiwal had only 160 people from Sahi tribe. They are found in large numbers in Sialkot and Gujarat. Their elder went to Ghazni along with Mahmud Ghaznavi and then returned to Lahore and settled on the bank of the River Ravi.

Sahiwal in Pakistan and Rochdale in England are twin cities. In Rochdale, a direction sign with “Sahiwal 3960 miles” written on it, can be seen which reflects England’s huge dynasty accrosd the world and its imperialist aspirations. History of sahiwal refers back to the British Raj and Indus civilization in South Asia.

a milestone in england

About eight per cent of Rochdale’s population is from Pakistan and in this town many mosques can be seen. In 1988, a twinning arrangement was agreed between Sahiwal city and Rochdale.In this article, history of sahiwal district is not the only focus. Rather introduction to Sahiwal Division, its related topics and current situation is shortly presented.

sahiwal news

Sahiwal Division (Montgomery) consists of three districts and seven tehsils. Sahiwal, Okara and Pakpattan are its districts and Sahiwal, Chichawatni, Okara, Depalpur,Renala Khurd, Pakpattan and Arifwala are its seven tehsils.

Sahiwal population is about 3 million and it has three national assembly and four provincial assembly constituencies. Sahiwal is rich in intellectual and it provided many celebrities to the country. Some of them are:

Majeed Amjad , an Urdu poet

Munir Niazi, an Urdu poet

Mushtaq Ahmad and Manzoor Elahi, former test cricketers

Captain Usman Ali Shaheed

Kunwar Mohinder Singh Bedi Sahar, an Urdu poet

Attash Durrani, Urdu writer

Tariq Aziz, PTV anchor

Captain Usman Ali was martyred in the Mohamand agency, when the Nato helicopters and fighter jets attacked two Pakistan military outposts on Saturday, killing 24 soldiers in what Pakistan said was an unprovoked assault. Nato and US officials expressed regret about the deaths of the Pakistani soldiers, but the exact circumstances of the attack were unclear. Captain Usman Ali Shaheed’ s grave is in Sahiwal graveyard. Captain Usman Ali, from Sahiwal city, left behind a widow and a young daughter. The 23-year-old solder got married last year and was recently promoted to the rank of captain. Usman’s father said his son joined the Pakistan army due to his patriotism.

captain usman shaheed sahiwal

The University of Sahiwal was upgraded from sub campus of BZU Multan to an autonomous university in 2015. The governor of the Punjab inaugurated University of Sahiwal on March 9, 2015. Still it could not start M. Phil programs due to lack of the staff and inefficient funds.


Sahiwal board was established on June 15, 2012. Before it Sahiwal and Pakpattan districts were managed by the Multan Board whereas Okara district was facilitated by Lahore board. Higher Education Department of the Punjab established it on the demand of the division people.

bise sahiwal

COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal campus is situated half-way between Lahore and Multan on COMSATS Road off G.T Road Sahiwal, was formally inaugurated on September 23, 2006. The campus is purpose built and is spread over area of 36 acres on Sahiwal land. CUI Sahiwal is offering a broad range of programs, especially in the areas of Management Sciences, Computer Science, Biosciences, Engineering and Humanities.

history of sahiwal

Established in 1986, divisional public school sahiwal is a well known institution of Sahiwal. DPS school sahiwalis spread over 68 acres of land. Dps sahiwal took control of Dps Chichawatni in 2010 which is now a brilliant school and college of Chichawatni.

dps sahiwal

Sahiwal to Harappa is about 25 km which is the ancient city of the world. In South Asia, Harappa is the oldest urban center of Indus civilization.

Central Jail Sahiwal is a historical jail which has been the largest prison in Pakistan since its foundation in 1877. It is hight security prison in Pakistan. Its prior name was Montgomery jail but after partition its name was changed to the central jail sahiwal. A number of renowned politicians and poets were kept in this jail and many of them wrote books during their prison period. Some of them are Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Habib Jalib and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. More than four thousand prisoners can be kept in this jail. The jail is prominent in facilities like water filter plants, paramedical staff, library and Quran Complex etc.

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Sahiwal city is considered one of the unique cow breed cities in the world. Due to its characteristics sahiwal breed is exported to other countries i.e Australia, New Guinea, Kenya, India and Africa.The research centre for conservation of Sahiwal cattle is trying to conserve indigenous breeds.

Sahiwal power plant is installed at Yousafwala having 1320 MW capacity. It became operational on 3rd of july 2017.

Sahiwal temperature is extremely hot in summer reaching 46 degree centigrade. There is a fog in winter. In Sahiwal Pakistan , the land is very fertile and it rains in the summer.

CTD incident in Sahiwal

The Sahiwal killings or CTD incident refer to the shooting of a couple, their teenage daughter and their neighbour who was driving a Suzuki Alto during a CTD police encounter on 19 January 2019, staged by Punjab Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) on a highway near Qadarabad , Sahiwal city of Pakistan. Watch the video:

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